b'RECENT GRADUATESADVANCED DRYCLEANING/MARCH 2ND13TH, 2020/378TH CLASSFRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT):Angie Jensen, Vogue Drycleaning, LLC., Elko, NV; Erica Palma, Belize Dry Cleaners, Ltd., Belize City, BELIZE; Hana Van Straalen, BrioCleaners, Bellingham, WA; Jerissia Smith, Belize Dry Cleaners, Ltd., Belize City, BELIZE; KC Kultgen, Suburban Cleaners, Norfolk, VA; Delora Helco, Eco-Elegant DryCleaning, Kingman, AZ; Qunqing Queen Yu, Saranac Lake Dry Cleaners, Saranac Lake, NY.BACK ROW (L-R): Nick DAngelo, Nuuly, Levittown, PA; Jonathan Guernsey, Nu Yale Glacier Cleaners, Jeffersonville, IN; Joe Baumann, Nu Yale Glacier Cleaners,Jeffersonville, IN; Rizwan Rajabali, Exton Cleaners, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA; Kamden McCauley, Master Dry Cleaners, Traverse City, MI; Tera Madison, VogueDrycleaning, LLC. Elko, NV; Weizhong Denny Zheng, Saranac Lake Dry Cleaners, Saranac Lake, NY; Al Holcomb, AAA Drycleaning LLC. DBA Zips, Bel Air, MD.Students attending DLIsAdvanced Drycleaning Coursegather around DLI EducationDirector Brian Johnson as heexplains the wetcleaningprocess.Previous page, left image:Angie Jensen of VogueDrycleaning in Elko, Nevada,leans in for a closer look at thewetcleaning process duringDLIs Spring 2020 AdvancedDrycleaning Course. Rightimage: Students learned allabout the drycleaning process,including management issues,plant layout, finishing, stainremoval, and more at DLIsSpring 2020 AdvancedDrycleaning Course.THIRD QUARTER 2020 11'