b'MOMENT WITH MARYMary ScalcoYour Support Means EverythingI m sure like me you are a wishing someone would reachouttousbyphoneat(800)638-2627,viapinch you and you would wake up a find that the email at Techline@DLIonline.org, or online chat atpastfewmonthswereanightmare.Ifsomeone DLIonline.org. would have told us in December that wed be living I think one of the positives that came out of all ofthrough a pandemic and that the global economy would this is the strong desire to help one another. I have nosedive off a steep cliff, we would have laughed. What been blown away by the willingness of each of you we have all experienced and are still experiencing is no to share information, provide advice, and sometimeslaughing matter. What we all thought would be short-lived justcommiseratewitheachotherontheweekly has been months-long so far and we are still not back to member calls. When we asked members of the industry100%. If there is a bright spot, it is we are resilient and we to share their expertise on a DLI Live program, they didwill fight to get back to where we were and to come out not hesitate for a moment to answer Yes!of this better. As an industry we may look a little different. I know that although we as an industry still haveWe may have to step out of our comfort zone and try new challenges ahead of us, DLI will continue to be here tothingstopositionourselvesbetterinachanging help.SothankyoufromyourDLIStaffforyourmarketplace but I believe we will rise to that challenge. membership and support.We literally could not doI hope you have found the information we provided what we do without you.over the past months useful. We strive to share the bestinformation we can gather. Sometimes this changes due Thank You!to the ever-evolving situation. Our pledge to you is thatwe will continue to provide relevant information aswe all move forward. All I ask is that, if you have Mary Scalco suggestions or a need that we can help with, please6 FABRICARE'