b'BULLETINNO. 769TECHNICAL InformationOPERATINGBy Brian Johnson, DLI Director of Education & AnalysisWeighted BlanketsWeighted blankets are throw-sized blankets filled with Cleaningweighted materials, such as plastic pellets, discs, poly pellets, As always, the first rule of thumb is to check the manu-glass beads, or polypropylene plastic beads. The feeling of facturers care instructions. Some manufacturers recommendweighted physical pressure is thought to have a calmingdrycleaningandothersrecommendlaundering.DLIeffect. Weighted blankets use this principle to improvepurchased a 20 lb. weighted blanket for testing. The blanketrelaxation.Theseblanketscomeindifferentsizesandweights, and can be used to increase a sense of calm in peo- has a 100% cotton outer fabric and uses glass beads for theples daily lives. It is recommended that the blanket be weighted effect. weighted to 10% of the users body weight to be effective.Drycleaning The weighted material is distributed evenly throughouttheblanketandsewninquiltedpockets.Usuallythe The blanket purchased recommended drycleaning. Thepockets are relatively small in a diamond or square pattern blanket was drycleaned in a perc drycleaning machine byto ensure the material stays relatively in place. itself, no other special precautions.Following cleaning theNote: All in-print DLI bulletins, including this one, are available on DLIs Drycleaning Encyclopedia App or on the Drycleaning Encyclopedia webedition accessible in the Members Only section of DLIonline.org. This resource is available to Silver, Gold, Premier, and International Members.THIRD QUARTER 2020 29'