b'FEATUREcontinued from page 21in the compressed air are moving rapidly along through diagram in the lower right of the illustration. It is very easythe headers and drops. Because of inertia they want to to just re-pipe the section at the end of the drop to thekeep moving in a straight line. An abrupt change of machine. Use soft copper tubing and compression fittingsdirection in the drop is created by inserting a tee and from the drop to the machine. Just having this sectionpiping the air flow to the machine from the side of the done properly will eliminate a great many problems.tee. The lighter compressed air makes the 90 degreeturn out of the tee, whereas the contaminants continue COMPRESSED AIR IS DANGEROUS!moving in a straight line and are captured in the drip BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY MAINTENANCE ONleg.Acombinationofcomponentsafterthetee COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEMS, BE SURE TOprovidetheremainingpathwayconductingthe BLEED OFF ANY AIR IN THE COMPRESSOR ORcompressed air to the machinery. A ball valve is used PIPING UNTIL THERE IS NO AIR PRESSUREto shut off the compressed air-flow from the drop to LEFT IN THE COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM.themachineformaintenance,andacombinedfilter/regulator provides another stage of contaminant Thatsitfornow,nextissuesarticlewillbeaboutremoval(alongwithfiltrationandairpressure removing moisture from the compressed air system. Callregulation).Drainingthedriplegscanbedone me at (702) 376-6693 if you have any suggestions. Immanually with a simple ball valve or automatically always delighted to hear from a reader.using a device known as a drip leg drain. I use aninexpensive air filter purchased from Harbor Freight Bruce Grossman is the Chief of R&D for EZtimers Manufacturing. EZtimers is the(item #68279) plugged at the outlet side as a drip manufacturer of the EZ Level return tank water level control which replaces theleg drain. troublesome ball float valve in the return tank. The SAHARA and DROP INTHE BUCKET line of high purity separator water mister/evaporators also theTATTLER steam trap tester an accurate and easy to use device are also part of ourIm aware that in almost all cases the piping for the EZtimer product line. See our Ad in this issue and for further information onmachinery already exists and youre not going to get into EZtimers products visitwww.eztimers.com Please address any questions orreplacing it because of this article. However, look at the comments for Bruce tobruce@eztimers.comor call 702-376-6693.22 FABRICARE'