b'FEATUREcontinued from page 18Goodleadersareabletocommunicatewithallthesegenerations in all these ways.Lauran StarBusiness Consultant at lauranstar.comIneffectivecommunicationleadstomany these: Why dont you manage one or two people as aproblems, says Goruk. Frustration. Anger. Conflict. team leader? You can practice your skills in coachingLow productivity. Poor quality work. Higher costs. Its and in providing feedback. Then, says Rothman, set aa killer. date and time to discuss any issues that might haveCommunicationskillshavebecomeevenmore arisen during the candidates time in control.important because of changing demographics, says Star.Today we have baby boomers who are letter writers, HELPING HANDSGenXerswhoareemailersandphonecallers,and Mentors can help newly promoted leaders succeed.Millennials who are Tweeters and instant messagers. Employees with formal mentor relationships tend toGood leaders are able to communicate with members value them, says Goruk. They say things like Mentorsof all these generations in all these ways. are good because they hold me accountable for things.Whatsgoodfortheemployeeisgoodforthe They share different perspectives and are experienced incustomer.Leaderscommunicatewellwithallthe overcoming the challenges I am facing.generationsmakingupanorganizationscustomer But take care in assigning mentors to your nascentbase, says Star. Leaders understand what marketing leaders. Not everyone is good at the job. Mentors mustmessages will drive sales with diverse audiences. have the desire to be mentors, says Goruk. They mustwant to help people succeed and have an interest inPREPARE FOR LAUNCHpeople personally and professionally.Spottingemployeeswithleadershipskillsis Coaches, too, can help pave the way for successfulimportant. Seldom, though, does one prospective leader promotions. They differ from mentors in the level ofpossess all the requisite skills at the level required. Enter control and input they provide their wards. A mentortraining. teaches skills; a coach helps a person navigate throughIts smart to put a training program in place that will professional development, explains Avdoian.teach people what its like to be a manager before they Gen Xers tend to need mentors, while Millennialsget promoted. Training, of course, can be expensive. tend to need coaches, according to Star. The disparityOne way to reduce the cost is to make temporary work results from the differing psychology of the two groups.assignments that give people the chance to lead and to Gen Xers are proactive about improving themselves,decide if the management life is right for them. saysStar.TheyhavetakentheirassessmentsandJohanna Rothman, founder of Rothman Consulting alreadyknowwhatskillstheylack.AndtheyhaveGroup,Arlington,MA(jrothman.com),suggests enough business acumen to realize that unless theyapproaching promising candidates with words such as improve themselves they will not get ahead. For them,continued on page 28THIRD QUARTER 2020 27'