b'BULLETINMaatttteerrss NO. 51MANAGEMENTBy Harry A. Kimmel III, APR PRSA, DLI Communications Director MUsing Google Alerts For Your BusinessIt is advisable for all DLI members to be on the lookout Setting Up Google Alertsfor comments and criticisms that are being made about your 1. Open http://www.google.com/alerts.businesses online. Check Facebook to see if an unofficial 2.Log in using your Gmail account, or sign up for one.page exists for your business. If one exists, you can request 3.Enter the search terms youd like to monitor. Use com-ownership or report the page and request its removal.mas to separate keywords. If you feel you have too manyReviewsitessuchasAngiesListandYelp!arealso or too few search terms, you can edit this later. potential areas of concern. It is advisable to create Google 4.Click Show Options to open the Options Menu.Alerts including your name, business name, and any other 5.Select the frequency of your notifications from the listtopicsyouwishtotrack.Googlewillsearchtheweb of options including:automatically for the terms you wish to monitor and sendAs-it-happensyou an email at the frequency you request. At most once a dayGoogleAlertsarecustomized,automatedInternetAt most once a weeksearches that report their findings to you periodically. Alerts 6.Select the result types youd like Google Alerts to shareare a great tool for keeping tabs on topics that are important with you in the Sources drop down menu. This includesto you. News, Blogs, Video, Discussions, Books, and Everything(selects all).7.Select your preferred Language and Region that youdlike the searches to focus on geographically by nation. Youcan leave the default setting to Any Region to search theentire Internet for mentions of your search terms. 8.Enter your email address (if not signed in). The alertswill be sent to this email address. 9.Press Create Alert and Presto! Now youre monitor-ing for the terms you entered in step 3. You can create as many Google Alerts as you like - up to1,000 per email address provided.A sample Google Alert for DLI.Note: All in-print DLI bulletins, including this one, are available on DLIs Drycleaning Encyclopedia App or on the Drycleaning Encyclopedia webedition accessible in the Members Only section of DLIonline.org. This resource is available to Silver, Gold, Premier, and International Members.THIRD QUARTER 2020 33'