b'BULLETINNO. 504TABSE X T I L E A N A LY S I S B U L L E T I N S E R V I C ET By Jim Kirby, DLI Textile AnalystDark Discolorations On Pink Fabrichat Is The Problem?W Black or blue discolorations on red or fuchsia pink garments.The blueWhat Does It Look Like? discolorationsThese dark discolorations look like ink or dye stains, but on this tunicstain removal agents have no affect. They most often occur were causedas streaks or random splotches. Sometimes these spots dont by contactbecome noticeable until the heat of a cleaning process with moisture. accelerates the color change.What Caused It?Some dyes, particularly red or pink, can be very sensitive towater or solutions containing moisture and will change to adarker hue upon contact with such substances. It is thoughtthat a component of the dye is water-soluble and migrates tothe surface of the fabric, resulting in the discoloration. Sucha condition could develop from contact with perspiration,a beverage spill, or the use of other water-soluble stainingsubstances. The discoloration could also occur during attemptedstainremovalwiththeuseofstainremovalagentscontaining water or moisture, which are necessary for theremoval of water-soluble stains. Can It Be Prevented?The risk of this type of dye damage could only have beenprevented during the original dyeing process. Many red andpink dye shades are available that are much less sensitive tosimple contact with moisture. Neither the consumer nor thecleaner can prevent discoloration on such sensitive dyes.Who Is Responsible?Responsibility lies with the garment manufacturer for usinga dye that is far too sensitive for normal conditions ofexpected use, transportation, storage, or professional carewithout risk of color changes. Is There A Remedy?Unfortunately, this particular color change is almost alwayspermanent.Note: All in-print DLI bulletins, including this one, are available on DLIs Drycleaning Encyclopedia App or on the Drycleaning Encyclopedia webedition accessible in the Members Only section of DLIonline.org. This resource is available to Silver, Gold, Premier, and International Members.THIRD QUARTER 2020 35'