b'FEATUREAllied Trades Member DirectoryDLI Allied Trades Members ardently support the Institute and lift the industry. Please consider them first for any businessneeds you may have.A.L. Wilson Chemical Company Cole and Wilson E. Weinberg Supply, Inc.Contact: Fred Schwarzmann Contact: Bradly Bolton Contact: David WeinbergP.O. Box 207 100 Laurel Street, Suite 120 7434 W 27th StKearney, NJ 07032 East Bridgewater, MA 02333 Minneapolis, MN 55426Phone: (800) 526-1188 Phone: (281) 231-2805 Phone: (952) 920-0888Email: fred@alwilson.com Email: Bradly.Bolton@coleandwilson.com Email: David@weinbergsupply.comWeb: www.coleandwilson.com/ Web: weinbergsupply.comAlliance Laundry SystemsContact: Al Ehster Covers, Etc. Inc. EnviroForensicsP.O. Box 990 Contact: Brad Zanti Contact: Dru Shields119 Shepard Street 925 West Harris Road 825 N Capitol AvenueRipon, WI 54971 Arlington, TX 76001 Indianapolis, IN 46204Phone: (920) 748-3121 Phone: (817) 467-5030 Phone: (317) 972-7870Web: www.comlaundry.com Email: dshields@enviroforensics.comDiamond Chemical Company Web: www.enviroforensics.com/Butler Home Products Contact: Harold DiamondContact: Michael Silverman P.O. Box 7428 EzProducts International, Inc.2 Cabot Rd, Suite 1 East Rutherford, NJ 07073-7428 Contact: Diane RueHudson, MA 01749 Phone: (201) 935-4300 612 N Florida AvePhone: (508) 597-8000 Email: cdecker@diamondchem.com Wauchula, FL 33873Web: www.diamondchem.com Phone: (877) 906-1818Chemtron, Inc. Email: diane@ezproductsinc.comContact: Cecil B. Young E.J. Thomas Company Web: www.ezproductsinc.comP.O. Box 383 Contact: Ryan AgugliaLorton, VA 22079 300 Distribution Circle Ste A Fabricare Management SystemsPhone: (703) 550-7772 Fairfield, OH 45014 Contact: Mark Van BurenEmail: tmblakey@aol.com Phone: (724) 816-5378 531 Tomahawk TrailWeb: www.chemtroninc.com Email: ppdc1906@gmail.com Woodstock, GA 30188Phone: (888) 249-5142Cleaners Supply ECC Horizon Email: mvanburen@fabricaremanager.comContact: Jeff Schapiro Contact: Linda Hicks Web: www.fabricaremanager.comP.O. Box 610 ECC Horizon Midwest OfficeConklin, NY 13748-0610 8383 Craig Street, Suite 110 FabriClean SupplyPhone: (607) 775-7905 Indianapolis, IN 46250 Contact: James A. HericksEmail: lisap@cleanersupply.com Phone: (317) 595-4400 8301 Ambassador RowWeb: www.cleanersupply.com Email: lhicks@ecchorizon.com Dallas, TX 75247Phone: (214) 826-4161Email: jimh@fabricleansupply.comWeb: www.fabricleansupply.comTHIRD QUARTER 2020 23'