b'FEATUREBuddy To BossHelping Newly Promoted Managers SucceedBy Phillip M. PerryAbstract: Businessesoftenencounterunanticipated Debora ends up jumping ship - and her erstwhiledifficulties when promoting high performance individuals employer faces a costly and time-consuming rebuildinginto management positions. Newly advanced supervisors effort.must cultivate critical leadership skills to avoid costlyworkplace disruption. This article offers advice on helping PROMOTE WISELYnew leaders succeed. Deboras story illustrates a lesson too often learnedthehardway:AnindividualwhoexcelsinDOES THE FOLLOWING STORY SOUND FAMILIAR?A administrative tasks, sales, or technical operations canhard working employeelets call her Deboraproves easily fail when it comes to managing others.herself a great sales producer and a real go-getter. Too often business owners believe that exceptionalWhen a supervisory position opens up, Debora seems employees who provide extraordinary service are thethe logical choice for the spot. Who else could better best candidates for managerial positions, says Richardtrainthestaffintoalean,mean,sellingmachine? Avdoian,founderandCEOofMidwestBusinessDebora accepts the promotion with enthusiasm and Institute,aconsultingfirmbasedinmetropolitaneveryone looks forward to great things. St.Louis,MO(midwestbusinessinstitute.com).Alas, the anticipated revenue boom never materializes. Unfortunately,suchpeopleoftenbecomejustIn fact, sales start to soften. Its no secret why: People hate adequate leaders.workingforDebora.Theresultispredictable: AvdoiansuggestsamoreeffectiveapproachforProductivity falls. Customers flee. Profits go south.assessing management candidates: Look for employeescontinued on page 1816 FABRICARE'