b'FEATUREcontinued from page 16with qualities that make great leaders, he says. Do they correct. We often see strong managers, says Frankel.deal with people in an effective way? Do others like But seldom strong leaders.working with them? When they speak, do their colleagueslisten? Do they rally others to complete tasks? SPOT THE LEADER If promising leaders are scarce on the ground, itLEAD THE WAY follows that you will need to sharpen your own skillsThosequestionssuggesttheimportanceofone for identifying them when they do appear. And thatpersonal characteristic: the ability to inspire others to beginswithanunderstandingofthespecificgreat performance. And that ability, in turn, suggests the characteristics of strong leadership. truism that transformational leadership skillsnot the Great leaders possess transformational skill sets, saysability to manage discreet projectsare more important Lauran Star, a business consultant based in Bedford,than ever in todays work environment. NH (lauranstar.com). You need to spot people who likeNew managers and supervisors need to understand change,whoseeissueswellbeforetheybecomethe difference between managing and leading, says Lois problems, and who think outside the box and developP.Frankel,apartneratCorporateCoachingInter- creative solutions rather than just putting out fires.national, Los Angeles, CA (corporatecoachingintl.com). LeadersareabletodevelopteamsandhavetheManaging is about producing measurable outcomes; its disciplinetomanagethemselveswell.Suchaboutcontrollingbudgets,costs,andworkoutput. competencies might be assessed by many points ofManagers tend to mandate policies and procedures that measurement. For example, the ability to develop teamstoo often restrain new ideas from getting off the ground. might be assessed by the tendency to grant deservedLeadership is different. Leaders clear the way for recognition, to take a win-win approach to negotiatinggreat ideas to come to fruition, says Frankel. They solutions, to play fair in judgement and action, to fosterinspire people to create change and meet challenges. collaborationacrossdifferentcross-functionalManaging, while critical to getting tasks done, is less boundaries, and to manage and resolve conflict.than effective when dealing with people, says Frankel.You can manage the organizational process, but you COMMUNICATE WELLmust lead people. Great leaders also have the ability to communicateIf youre thinking that prospective leaders might be with others, says Randy Goruk, president of The Randallharder to find than nascent managers, you would be Wade Group, Scottsdale, AZ (leadersedge360.com).continued on page 2718 FABRICARE'