b'BULLETINNO. 769blanket was evaluated for shrinkage, colorfastness, and ap- POTENTIAL ISSUES pearance.The blanket retained its original color and luster. Damage To The Drycleaning Or WashingThere was only minimal shrinkage in the length, less than Machines 0.1%.The weighting material, in this case glass beads, did This should not be an issue. Because of the way the weightnot break, clump or come loose from the diamond sewn is evenly distributed throughout the blanket there was nopockets.The blanket retained its original distribution of excessive mechanical action that would result in damage toweighted materials; there was no distortion of the blanket. your cleaning machine or laundering equipment. The onlyThere was no excessive wrinkling or need for finishing. precaution would be to make sure your equipment can han-Launderingdle the weight.Do not put a 40 lb. blanket in a 30 lb. ma-chine.YouwanttofollowtheguidelinesforcleaningWe also laundered the blanket because it may be neces-capacity for your size equipment. Due to the weight of thesary to wash the item to remove soils and stains fromblanket it will likely be necessary to clean the blanket sepa-consumer use. Due to the weight of these blankets and theirrately, either dryclean or wash. size, it may be difficult to launder and dry these blankets ina home washer and dryer effectively. We laundered the Damage To The Weighting Material blanket in a 35lb. commercial washer in cool water, 105F Glass beads, polyester beadsshould not be a problem in(40C)withaneutraldetergentthentumbledriedlow either drycleaning or laundering. There should not be any(120F/49C) in a commercial dryer.The blanket retained breakage, melting, or clumping.its original color but there was a loss of the luster finish Plastic beads, discscan be laundered and you may be ablewhich the consumer may find objectionable. There was a to dryclean in a solvent other than perc.The care instruc-considerable amount of shrinkage5.2% in the length and tions should be followed to prevent any melting, clumping,4.0% shrinkage in the width.This degree of shrinkage would or other damage to the weighting material.be greater than ASTM recommendations for blankets whichare 2-3%. Loss Of Weighting Material We also laundered a blanket by the same method but then The construction on weighted blankets is such that thehung the blanket to dry to test if shrinkage is minimized. weighted material stays relatively in place. The weightedThe blanket we laundered and hung to air dry also shrunk material is securely sewn into relatively small pockets. Webut to a much lesser degree2.4% in the length and 1.1% in also laundered the blanket because it may be necessary tothe width. wash the item to remove soils and stains from consumerAs with the drycleaned blanket there was no excessive use. Due to the weight of these blankets and their size, itwrinkling or need for finishing with the tumbled dried or air may be difficult to launder and dry these blankets in a homedried blanket.The weighted material stayed evenly distrib- washer and dryer effectively.uted throughout the blankets and there was no damage tothe glass beads in either of the blankets.30 FABRICARE'