b'FEATUREFIGURE 1 - Cuffs have become 2-sided objects.Youneed to press the underside.FIGURE 2 - No creasemeans. no crease.FIGURE 3 -Part of this cuff isntpressed!FIGURE 4 - There is no reason that weshould tolerate these wrinkles on the front of a shirt.FIGURE 5 -No attention paid to the pockets!continued from page 19No crease means no crease.This one always gets to its too dry.Modern, blown-sleeve shirt units require ame.When a customer requests no crease, it doesnt higher moisture retention than you think (50%-60%) inmean put the crease on the side of the pants leg so I order to produce a perfect shirt. In fact, you couldlook like a dork.That is called flat press.Flat press probably eliminate half of your touch-up issues if youis used for navy sailor uniform whites and I dont think increased your moisture retention today.anything else.When a customer wants no crease, the My personal pet peeve is when the pockets of trousersleg of the trousers should be finished on a Cindy Lou. are left all crumbled up and then the pants are pressedThere should be no crease on the leg.Your customers that way.Often it is much worse than what is picturedwill be impressed that someone finally gets it! in figure 5.You will really distinguish yourself as aLook at figure 3.Half of the cuff isnt pressed.This professional if you flatten out the pockets and iron themis just plain sloppy and careless.This gets by touch-up out before putting them on a topper.And while on theand inspection.The customer will see this defect more subject of pants. If you were to button all the buttonsthan any other defect on the shirt. Every time he goes and pull up the zipper, youd be able to assure theto look at his watch, he will wonder why the cuff looks customer that there are no broken buttons and that theonly half pressed. Its just too easy to do it right, and it zipperworks.Remember:thegoalistoproduceadoesnttakeanylongertodoitright.Maybethe garment that is ready to wear.discounter will do this, but you wouldnt dare to!Don Desrosiers has been in the drycleaning and shirt laundering business sinceLook at figure 4. When you press a light-weight cotton 1978. He is a workflow engineer and a management consultant who providesshirt, you may get wrinkles in the front of the shirt, as serves to shirt launderers and drycleaners in the United States, Mexico, andshown, right near the button placket and buttonhole western Europe through Tailwind Systems. He is a member of the Society ofProfessional Consultants and the 2001 recipient of DLIs Commitment toplacket.A customer may wonder what that is all about. Professionalism Award. He can be reached at 186 Narrow Avenue, Westport,He paid you to press the shirt, after all, and there are MA 02790 or at his office by fax (508) 636-8839; by cell (508) 965-3163;wrinkles in it!Whats up with that?This happens ore-mailattailwindsystems@charter.net.Hehasawebsiteatwww.tailwindsystems.com. The authors views are his own and do notbecause the shirt does not have enough moisture in itrepresent official Drycleaning & Laundry Institute positions. 20 FABRICARE'